The Mysterious Journey of 47,000 Bitcoin

The Bitcoin community has been puzzling and speculating a lot during the last days about a few mysterious Bitcoin transactions. It’s an incredible amount of 47.000 BTC, which has been moved several times during the previous days. Such a large transaction is nothing unusual in itself cause exchanges like Binance are often forced to transfer BTC between their hot- and cold-storage.

However, the Bitcoin addresses used for these transactions cannot be assigned to any exchange or other entity. This makes the whole thing very exciting, as it could be just a single person with more than 300 Million Dollars worth in Bitcoin. The unknown owner of the 47.000 Bitcoin is currently ranked 16th on the Bitcoin rich list.

But who has so many Bitcoins, and why were they moved now? Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered completely, which is why speculations are heating up.

But we can take a closer look at the addresses and do some research:

According to the 47.000 Bitcoins have been moved away on November 22 from an address to which they have been loaded on May 12. (15VREscuZWHb41zzyivw6ZYagMyJ6YKFHd):

In between, no movement took place and the Bitcoins slept for nearly seven months.

Why Were The Bitcoin Moved Right Now?

An answer to that could be the price. On May 12, the BTC price was approximately 7000 USD. Afterward, Bitcoin rose up to 14.000 USD only to fall continuously until today, as we all know. After May 2019, Bitcoin staid consistently above 7000 USD.

Now it gets exciting. Guess until what day Bitcoin staid above this price level. Right, precisely until November 22. So, the Bitcoins have been moved for the last time when BTC was at 7000 USD and have now been moved again at the same price. Is that a coincidence? Probably not! If you look a bit further into the wallet history, the Bitcoins were moved before May 2019 for the last time on December 29 in 2018, again in a single transaction. Maybe some tax reasons?

The anonymous Bitcoin millionaire likes to leave his treasure lying around for a long time. So only transactions in June 2018 can be registered as well as in December 2017. Again, all Bitcoins were moved in a single transaction. In December 2017, however, the trace of the 47k Bitcoin loses itself when these were accumulated from various addresses with amounts of 0.09BTC – 16.260BTC on December 13, 2017.

Is A Big Institution Behind This Wallets?

In my opinion, this accumulation and shift speak more for an institution than for an individual. Possibly one of the big banks keeping their bitcoin plans secret? I think we’ll find out soon.

What’s also worth mentioning is the fact that the Bitcoins worth $337 million have been moved for 0.37 cents. That’s a transaction fee of 0.000000000001%. You should tell those numbers your bank advisor next time you see him.

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