The Brawl Is On!

The biggest Bitcoin Trading Competition in the history of mankind is live — the ByBit BTC Brawl at
Over 7000 traders have registered and are trading from today on to claim a price pool of 50BTC.

Many YouTubers participate

The rules are straightforward. Each trader has to join a trading team and trade the hell out of BTC/USD perpetual contracts. According to Bybit, there are team awards as well as individual awards. Originally it was announced that the prize pool would be worth 100 BTC, but it turned out that the amount of BTCs depends on the number of participants. The required 10000+ traders got not reached, so the actual 7608 participants have to deal now with a pool of “only” 50 BTC.

The biggest team in the competition is called the “Moon Boys” with 981 members. It is organized and led by famous YouTuber “The Moon”. Since shilling for trading platforms became the primary income source for many influencers, the hole High-Society of YouTubers and Crypto Analysts is represented with their own teams in the brawl. Sunny Decree, Jack Canfield, The Mo, BitJin or sixamo are among them.

In the end, the ten teams with the highest PnL% will be rewarded with up to 18 BTC. Also, the top 10 traders get a fixed reward of up to 7.5 BTC.

The competition goes on for two weeks until the 28th of November.

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