Bakkt Records New Record Volume While Bitcoin Crashes

Yesterday was undoubtedly not the best day for Bitcoin investors. The cryptocurrency has dropped 8% in the past 24 hours after BTC found some support at $7,400 after a steep drop of just under $8,000. The massive slump came as a surprise, especially in its strength. During the crash of within 15 minutes, in which the Bitcoin price crashed from 8,000 USD to 7,400 USD, long positions worth over 200 million USD were liquidated on the BitMEX platforms. Since then, …

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CFTC Investigates BitMEX

Bitcoin exchanges have difficult times in the USA. In a lot of cases, strict regulatory requirements ensure that crypto and blockchain companies censor themselves from making their platforms accessible to Americans. This is also the case with BitMEX – at least that’s what people thought – up to now. Bloomberg Report About CFTC Investigation The Bloomberg magazine reported that the CFTC has been investigating the crypto options exchange for some time now. The investigations focus on suspected cases according to …

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The Art of Liquidation: Part IV – The Invisible Tentacle of the Markets

Welcome to “The Art of Liquidation: Part IV”. In the last few episodes we learned how various crypto derivative exchanges handle extremely large liquidations, which are potential threats to the market. OKEx and Poloniex socialize the losses, Bitmex has an insurance fund that has become systemically relevant itself due to its sheer size. What is Kraken’s approach? Maintenance Margin on Kraken Let’s look at the liquidation model of the exchange “Kraken”. Unlike the exchanges previously examined, Kraken does not have …

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Bitfinex Will Roll Out x100 Margin Trading

Bitfinex will roll out x100 margin trading for Bitcoin. In the whitepaper on Leo, Bitfinex’s own crypto currency, under the heading “Upcoming projects” there was already a hint that from June 2019 trading would be supported with a leverage of up to 1:100 for “selected customers”. Now Bitfinex’s CTO Paolo Ardoino has added to Twitter, the offer is obviously ready for launch.

So far, Bitfinex has limited itself to levers of up to 1:3.3. To the estimate: Who trades for instance Bitcoin (BTC) with lever 1:100, must shoot already with price movement of 1 per cent in the unexpected direction immediately capital or loses its employment.

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Bitcoin in Numbers – Statistics And Facts About The Cryptocurrency No. 1

In the world of cryptocurrencies and especially to Bitcoin there are many interesting facts, statistics and numbers. This is due to the fact that it is a public ledger in which all relevant data about transactions, mined coins and wallets are publicly available.

In this article we take a look at a selection of these numbers and provide you with helpful information. We have categorized them to give you a better overview:

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